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Celebri-tease headlines: a trivial fixation

The news item that started it all had this headline: “Kendall Jenner Struggles to Climb Stairs in Fitted Dress at Kourtney’s Wedding.” Sallie HollisSallie Rose Hollis is a native of Rocky Branch and retired Journalism Professer from Louisiana Tech University. Contact her at I just had to take a screenshot of that “news story” when it appeared in my …

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School choice back in play

School Choice Will Soon Find Another Opportunity in LouisianaAll the way back to the administration of Governor Bobby Jindal, Louisiana has viewed private-school choice statewide as very positive public policy that needed to be enshrined in state law to improve the quality of education of poor and minority children, and to provide the same educational choice enjoyed by children from …

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The Metz is History

The Metz Motel in Farmerville is no more. Workers  demolished the motel this week and next week will  haul the debris to the landfill, bringing the motel’s 80-year history to an end. Built during World War II, for years the Metz was Union Parish’s only motel, advertising rooms at “$4 a day” in The Gazette in 1950. At left is …

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