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Lines, tigers, and bass, oh my!

On June 1th, the Lake D’Arbonne Watershed Commission released 40,000 tiger bass into Lake D’Arbonne in efforts to steadily increase the average size of the local largemouth bass population.The Farmerville Fire Department, Farmerville Police Department, and Alderman Robert Allen were at the scene to represent the Town of Farmerville and to participate in the release of the tiger bass into …

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Don't shoot!

My name is Clyde. I live in the Downsville-Holmesville Church area. Please do NOT shoot me again. I am a "good boy," and a typical male. I love chasing deer and women. I have been neutered, so don't shoot me if I come to your house courting. Mom will do her best to keep me home next hunting season, but if I do slip away, please shoot in the air, not at me. Thank you!


Commission to stock lake with 40,000 Tiger Bass Decision on drawdown on hold until LDWF vegetation report in May

By Luke BrittEditorThe Lake D’Arbonne Watershed Commission intends to stock the lake with 40,000 Tiger Bass later this year, an investment that commissioners said should result in a steady increase over the years in the average size of largemouth bass pulled from the lake.Tiger bass are a hybrid cross between a strain of aggressive Northern largemouth and a “pure strain” …

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A message from the past resonates today

Thomas FieldsThomas “Tuffy” Fields is an author and regular contributor to The Gazette. He can be reached by email at Every once in a while I stumble across a message that is inspirational or prophetic. A speech that withstands the test of time and is as true today as it was when it was first written. Occasionally I reprint …

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Chronic wasting disease 100% fatal to deer

Glynn HarrisGlynn Harris is a long-time outdoor writer from North Louisiana and has won more than 50 writing and broadcasting awards during his 47 year career. It sounds like something you might see in a horror movie. A monster attacks helpless defenseless people who have no way of escape as it mutilates and destroys everyone in its path.There is a …

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