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Massive storm drops seven inches in three days

A stretch of “road” between Rocky Branch and Point washed out during the storm, but was open again as of Wednesday evening. Power outages, fallen trees, road closers mostly resolved as of late Wednesday The turbulent storm system that barreled through Union Parish this week dropped more than 7 inches of rain, left thousands temporarily without power, closed roads and …

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Don't shoot!

My name is Clyde. I live in the Downsville-Holmesville Church area. Please do NOT shoot me again. I am a "good boy," and a typical male. I love chasing deer and women. I have been neutered, so don't shoot me if I come to your house courting. Mom will do her best to keep me home next hunting season, but if I do slip away, please shoot in the air, not at me. Thank you!


Commission to stock lake with 40,000 Tiger Bass Decision on drawdown on hold until LDWF vegetation report in May

By Luke BrittEditorThe Lake D’Arbonne Watershed Commission intends to stock the lake with 40,000 Tiger Bass later this year, an investment that commissioners said should result in a steady increase over the years in the average size of largemouth bass pulled from the lake.Tiger bass are a hybrid cross between a strain of aggressive Northern largemouth and a “pure strain” …

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Constitutional reform needed, but risky

Jim BrownJim Brown is a former Louisiana state senator, Secretary of State, Commissioner of Insurance and a regular contributor to The Gazette. There has been a lot of chatter in recent months about the need to rewrite Louisiana’s Constitution. And for good reason. This original slim document has now blossomed into the nation’s seventh longest state charter with over 83,000 …

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Passing something special to the next gen

Rachel Dupree is quite proud of the big gobbler her brother, Johnathon called in for her. Dennis “Skinny” Hallmark passed something along to me that was special. So special in fact that what I learned on that visit to Alabama with him in 1992 ignited a passion I had never felt before or since. He guided me on my first …

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