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Beryl misses North Central Louisiana

Hurricane Beryl slammed into the Texas coast earlier this week, ripping through Houston and east Texas on its path to western Louisiana, Arkansas, and the Mississippi Valley. Beryl reached Category 5 strength on its path near Jamaica, the Yucatán, and along the Mexican Gulf Coast before weakening to a Category 1 before coming ashore in Texas. At one point, Beryl …

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Mega Ramp – Priorities

Last week we reported sewage contamination, including fecal coliform, from the Town of Farmerville flowing into Lake D’Arbonne because the Town has refused to bring the sewage treatment plant into compliance under Mayor John Crow’s administration, despite a clear warning from Riley Engineering in April 2021, three months after Mayor Crow took office. That firm estimated a six-million-dollar renovation cost …

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Voting machine changes needed across the country

By: Jim Brown After former President Donald Trump lost his reelection in 2024, there have been continuous allegations that election fraud has taken place all across the country. So here is the question. Can voting machine computers be hacked? Can the election process be manipulated? Is there widespread election fraud as many and others allege? I may be a pretty good source to …

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