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The Slab of Saint-Bélec likely the oldest map ever discovered

Editors note: The Archeologist’s Corner is an occasional feature provided by The Union Museum of History and Art. The articles are curated by museum board member Thomas Fields.We look at the magnificent ruins of Rome and Greece or the grandeur of Machu Pichu or the earthworks at Poverty Point and think that the archeologist has discovered everything. The wonderment is …

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Constitutional reform needed, but risky

Jim BrownJim Brown is a former Louisiana state senator, Secretary of State, Commissioner of Insurance and a regular contributor to The Gazette. There has been a lot of chatter in recent months about the need to rewrite Louisiana’s Constitution. And for good reason. This original slim document has now blossomed into the nation’s seventh longest state charter with over 83,000 …

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War is hell

Thomas FieldsThomas “Tuffy” Fields is an author and regular contributor to The Gazette. He can be reached by email at I deplore the use of four-letter words on television, radio and in print but every once in a while it is totally appropriate for a certain situation. War is Hell; regardless of how you view it, try to justify …

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