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How old is too old for public office

Age has never seemed to be such a big issue in American politics. Do we let our elected officials stay in office way too long? Should there be restrictions as to when older politicians must step down? Or should we just let the voters decide as to when someone is too old to serve? Jim BrownJim Brown is a former …

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New York City! A Changed Perception

The way we perceive something has a major impact on how we respond to a stimulus or how we visualize our environment. Perception is defined as, “a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression”. We can hear about a place in the world or an action taking place in a distant location and then make a judgement …

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Bills ending parole, good time are misguided

Editor’s note: The following commentary was submitted the Council on Criminal Justice and was co-authored by Marc A. Levin of Houston and Scott Peyton of Washington, La.There is no more vital function of government than protecting public safety, and that solemn duty must include anchoring criminal justice policies in evidence.While Louisiana leaders are rightfully making crime a priority during this …

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