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Why the Blue Cross Sale failed, again

Blue Cross, Blue Shield is Louisiana’s largest health insurer, and one of the state’s largest employers. A major effort was undertaken by the Blue Cross Board to sell the whole system to a company called Elevance Health located in Indianapolis Indiana. Elevance is no new kid on the block, and has gobbled up Blue Cross companies in fifteen other states, …

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Devine intervention and a new country

Just what is Devine intervention? Most religions have their definition and a good description is, “The involvement of a deity in the affairs of humans”. When it refers to the Christian doctrine, Devine intervention is identified as being delivered in three distinct ways. They are big showy miracles, ordinary displays of God’s mercy, and one act of love so powerful …

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Erring on the side of caution is still erring

The Union Parish Police Jury fired Public Works Director Tommy Durrett a little more than two weeks ago without stating, publicly, why they took this action. At the time, we at The Gazette assumed whatever prompted the action would be made public shortly thereafter.That didn’t happen and this week we learned that the Jury has filed a complaint against Durrett …

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