Devine intervention and a new country

Just what is Devine intervention? Most religions have their definition and a good description is, “The involvement of a deity in the affairs of humans”. When it refers to the Christian doctrine, Devine intervention is identified as being delivered in three distinct ways. They are big showy miracles, ordinary displays of God’s mercy, and one act of love so powerful it gave us the reason for our faith.

Some believe strongly that prayer is linked to Devine intervention and prayer is extremely important in their lives. Others that have no Christian doctrine believe that there is no Devine intervention as there is no God to intervene. Their argument is to ask for believers to show examples of Devine intervention and thus prove the existence of a supreme being.
America was founded by a unique form of man. It was as if the new world offered the freedom and liberty that man was supposed to live under. Even men that came to America shackled in chains and were eventually freed took up arms for a new country that espoused a doctrine that would eventually allow everyone an opportunity to travel their own paths in search of individual success.
America had a unique set of fathers that took a blank sheet of paper and wrote down what a new country would look like. Though there was to be freedom of religion, there was a definite Christian influence to what the Founding Fathers used to found America. John Locke’s teachings were instrumental in the influence on our great founders. Still, these were just words. Are there any examples of Devine Intervention during the founding and growth of our unique government?
American general Daniel Morgan defeated a British force under General Cornwallis at the South Carolina Battle of Cowpens. When the battle ended the American general Morgan retreated north and was chased by the British. Hours after the Americans crossed the Catawba River British General Cornwallis reached the river. According to Miracles in American History “a sudden storm made the river impassable… the British nearly overtook the Americans at the Yadkin River, but again rains flooded the river slowing the British” and “another flash flood blocked the British at the Dan River” The swollen rivers allowed the Americans to cross into friendly territory in Virginia. British General Henry Clinton felt the divine intervention and thus wrote: “Here the royal Army was again stopped by a sudden rise of the waters, which had only just fallen (almost miraculously) to let the enemy over” George Washington wrote “We have abundant reasons to thank Providence for its many favorable interpositions in our behalf. It has at times been my only dependence, for all other resources seemed to have failed us”
As the war for Independence flared, many believed that there was definitely a hand of a supreme being that guided the course of history. This notion continued after the end of the war but unfortunately has waned over time. In 1787 an 81-year-old Benjamin Franklin urged the Continental Congress to begin their daily deliberations with prayer. Franklin went on to say , “I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth: that God governs in the affairs of men”.—as the Bible states in several places.
Perhaps the one picture that captures the essence of America shows a General Washington, kneeling in the snow in prayer while his horse stands reverently behind him in the twilight.
America has been blessed and despite unsurmountable odds against her, America has come back victorious. We did not win this endorsement automatically but instead with the blood, sweat and tears of a proud and modest population of freedom loving citizens. Let us not forget our humble beginnings and the sacrifices that came before us. Our Christian writings tell us, “God is going to allow nations whose people ignore His instructions and forget how He has intervened on their behalf to reap what they have sown”.
God Bless America, Pray for the Ukraine and God Save Israel.

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