Where is America?

In my early years in Arabia I was fortunate to have been associated with workers from around the world.  These workers comprised an amalgamation of color, religion, national pride, education and a myriad of other norms that makes up our world.  One aspect of this is that no two countries is the same and it is only right that we respect another county’s life style and not try to change an individual’s beliefs.

While talking to several British citizens they told me about the immigration rules that had been implemented following the turning over of rule for many of the countries that used to be part of the British Empire.  No longer could Great Britain brag that the sun never set on the British Empire.  When independence was granted, the borders to England were open so that foreign nations living in the once-controlled countries of the Mid-East and India could easily immigrate.  I remember being cautioned that America should not fall into that trap.  They told of the complexion of the country changing as the fiber that built Great Britain was eroding.

We need to understand that controlled immigration is beneficial to America and poses a way to freshen up American optimism and growth.  Uncontrolled immigration poses a way to destroy our beautiful country.

My grandmother came from Germany.  She immigrated through Ellis Islan.  A great great grandfather jumped on a ship from Scotland and came to America and entered Kentucky with Daniel Boone.  While they, and millions of others, came to America they brought their customs and pride in their home countries with them.  What they did not bring was a desire to impose their life style and religious beliefs on the citizens of America.  They could personally maintain their beliefs but they would never think of changing how America lives and believes.

Things are changing and it suddenly is understood that we have some serious issues to address.  It used to be that the American flag was a symbol of pride; a bastion of safety around the world.  It is unimaginable to think that thousands are parading our national capital waving the Palestinian flag while carrying signs with the Star of David and the Nazi Swastika painted on the placard.   America allowed select immigration and over the last fifty years instead of immigrants and their children assimilating into immigrants and their children assimilating into American society we are witnessing a desire to change the life blood of America.  Unfortunately what we are witnessing today is only one surge to attempt to change America.  The Islamic impact is now taking root but more change is on the horizon.

Millions of immigrants have entered the United States of America on our southern border.  Most have brought no more than the clothes on their back and an understanding that America is the home of milk and honey.  Arrive in America and all is good.  What they are discovering is that this preconceived notion is anything but true.  America is accepting this mass of humanity and is unable to cope with the mass.  New values are introduced and soon we will be witnessing parades and speeches that  espouse how America needs to change to be in line with beliefs and cultures that are coming across the border.  We need to understand that controlled immigration is beneficial to America and poses a way to freshen up American optimism and growth.  Uncontrolled immigration poses a way to destroy our beautiful country.

Another aspect to uncontrolled immigration is far more sinister than what we have ever expected.  Countries that have no better agenda than to cause hurt and confusion to our nation are placing human assets into our nation.  The number of men on the terror watch list has increased exponentially over the last year.  These are the individuals captured.  There are a large number of illegal immigrants that have entered America that were never apprehended, never vetted, and never returned to their homeland.  Among those that are hiding out in America are surely members of terror cells that are planning their nefarious acts at this time.  It is only a matter of time and we will see attacks on America not from the outside but instead from the inside.

We have to wake up and understand what we are witnessing today.

God Bless America, Pray for the Ukraine and God Bless Israel.

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