Washington: The man from Virginia

We all live our lives, feed our families, worship as we want and enjoy a life that is envied by people around the world. Turn on television and we watch leaders that we either love and extol or that we hate and admonish. We, as Americans, can do this freely.

We see our leaders as men and women that make decisions but above all do what’s right for the position they hold. The true leader will put his own personal benefits behind him.
Every once in a while we have had an opportunity to witness an individual that goes beyond doing what appears to be right and putting the mission above all else. Every once in a while, we witness that individual that consistently makes the right decisions time and time again during all types of situations. Every once in a while we observe a man that places his decision-making in the hands of a greater being and listens to what the decision should be; and on occasion witnessing the direct intervention of that greater force.
One special individual was born in Virginia give or take a couple hundred years ago. His formal education was not as deep as his older brothers that were educated in England before immigrating to America. He became a surveyor at an early age and witnessed firsthand the land that lay west of the early settlements. This man was also a land owner and businessmen. He purchased several thousand acres and leased a large plantation from his brother’s widow.
The young patriot of Britain was given an army commission in the Virginia militia. The American colonies were then loyal patriots of the English crown. Our leader ultimately became a General in the militia but was not recognized by England with a British commission. This would prove a grave mistake in future years.
At the age of 27 he married a widow and owner of a large plantation. Ultimately he would control over thirty thousand acres, be a successful tobacco and wheat farmer and ultimately a hero of the Revolution.
His first attempt at politics ended in defeat, but three years later he was elected to the Vicginia Legislature. He rose in leadership and took bold stands to oppose British laws that restricted the colonies. When England passed legislation to punish Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party, our young man from Virginia opposed it and stated England’s law was “an invasion of our rights and privileges”. Later that year he would co-author with George Mason a “list of resolutions” for Fairfax County. The list was approved to include the abolition of Atlantic slave trade.
The man what was coming, so he helped train the early militias. When a small militia force confronted the mightiest army in the world at Lexington and Concord, the young leader was dismayed, but six weeks later he would be summoned to Philadelphia where he would be named Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and thus George Washington would begin his ride into history.
Washington led the army for eight years and through his leadership he became the victorious general. Many of his decisions were controversial at the time but proved to be game winners. He knew what it took to win and though his forces suffered, they would become victorious and thus the mission was accomplished. The British refused to acknowledge his position as a general since it was not a British commission. This fueled Washington’s fervor to defeat the British.
Washington also put much confidence in faith. Washington was a member of the Anglican Church; also known as the Church of England. He was a devout member of the Masonic Lodge thus highlighting his civic responsibility. The picture of him kneeling in the snow in prayer with his horse behind adorns many a lodge.
George Washington, the father of the United States and one of the founding fathers. After an illustrious life, one that saw him oppose Great Britain and surely signed his own death warrant, George Washington peacefully died. One of the last things he did while lying on his death bed was to free all the slaves on his massive holdings.
God Bless America, Pray for the Ukraine and God Save Israel.

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