Wake Up to Reality

Occasionally we wake up to a reality that had only been supposition prior to this realization.  Many times we have a tendency to say that the problem is someone else’s issue; “better he than me”. Then one day like a bolt of lightening an epiphany takes place and suddenly reality strikes.  What had been supposition becomes life. We are experiencing this enlightening today.

Over seven years ago I had written about humans illegally crossing the Mexican border. The vast majority came from Mexico and Central America. Most desired a better life, some wanted to import unlawful activities but all were equal in that they were all entering the United States of America illegally.  At that time my recommendation was three fold. First the southern border had to be secured. The adage, good fences make good neighbors, applies here. We had to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and control who and what was entering. Secondly, America needed to revamp its immigration laws and policies. The majority of those illegally crossing the southern border make up a sector of our economy that is beneficial to America.  Put into place policies that make it possible and legal for men and women to enter America on a temporary basis to fill jobs where there are needs and openings. These individuals would not compete with Americans but would instead support America. The third recommendation was to provide guidance and help to the Central American countries. Help stamp out corruption and most importantly improve the economies and education of the countries so that their citizens do not need to come north to have a better life.

Needless to say we have a major crisis on our hands and many in our Federal government  refuse to acknowledge it. Finally reality has hit many between the eyes like a two by four. As long as the border-crossing turmoil remained in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona there was no reason for the liberal northern states to be concerned. These northern states declared themselves to be sanctuary cities and states and the small amount of illegal immigrants posed little impact on their resources. All this has changed. Thousands of illegal immigrants have arrived in cities like New York and Chicago. By these cities declaring themselves to be sanctuary cities they are obligated to accept these immigrants and it is hurting. Plush hotels are housing many illegals while some schools have successfully protested moving the men and women into gyms and classrooms. This is a concern while American war veterans are living on the streets. The biggest impact is the cost to house and feed and care for these individuals.  The Federal Government does not provide funding for the aliens so the states and local government are left with the bills and quite a bill it is. New York City has declared a humanitarian emergency as it is spending eight million dollars a day to care for the migrants.

It is said that leadership provides the ability to foresee what can happen in the future and then responding to this. Leadership is not responding to crisis after crisis on an ongoing basis.  Unfortunately this is what we are witnessing. The Obama administration had to place children and adults in cells resembling cages at the border for a short time just as the Trump administration was forced to do.  This is nothing to compare to what the migrants have experienced under the current administration. Instead of handling the situation with leadership and courage  the Federal Government simply turns the migrants loose on local and state governments and thus transferring the problem away from Federal responsibility and to the states.

Let us hope that America can take control of this situation, provide the leadership the citizens deserve and look at this situation in a pragmatic manner.

God Bless America and Pray for the Ukraine.

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