UPSO continues to investigate a drive-by shooting

The Union Parish Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate a drive-by shooting that occurred on East Jackson Street in Farmerville just after midnight Tuesday.

Two trailer homes were struck in the shooting, the bullets penetrating the homes’ thin walls, narrowly missing the sleeping occupants.

Using footage from video cameras, investigators have been able to identify vehicles that were in the area at the time, UPSO Chief Deputy James Fuller said. 

“We have an idea who might be responsible, but we’re still investigating and are not ready to identify any suspects, publicly.” Fuller said.

Bright orange evidence markers, wet from rain, were still in place Wednesday afternoon at the foot of the driveway of one of the homes where investigators located shell casings from two different weapons, Fuller said. 

Marcus Caster, whose home is next to one of those hit by gunfire, said once he knew his neighbors were ok his first thought was, “Thank God.”

Asleep at the time, Caster said he was awakened by the gunfire but by the time he reached his front door the shooters were gone, and the street was quiet once again.

“ This is a quiet neighborhood,” Caster said. “We’re all working people. It’s quiet, peaceful and friendly. Nothing like this happens here.”

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