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Several years ago I wrote about the disfunction that was sweeping over the legislative branch of our federal government. This disfunction that was occurring during the Obama administration dealt with not working together for the nation; throwing off the politics of party bias and party affiliation and placing America above all else. I stated that members of the rival parties needed to reach across the aisle, shake hands and embrace an environment of collective support and well-being. There was no improvement and the situation continued to deteriorate.
The Trump administration came into power and I hoped, we all hoped, that we would see improvements but the polarization continued and grew worse. This was noted in some writings but like the Obama administration there was no reaching across the aisle. Cooperation diminished and by the time Trump left office congress was worse than when Obama left office.
Then our present president came into office and he pledged to heal a hurting nation and invited the republicans to join him to unify America. He would be the unifying president. It took about a week to realize that what he meant was that if the Republicans joined him like zombies to the slaughter to move his agenda they would be welcomed. This was the same ploy used by Nancy Pelosi when she told congress to blindly pass Obamacare and congress could read it later. Very smart if there is a gullible congress but very reckless if there is a naive nation. The same ploy has been used during the Biden administration: however, there is a new check and balance in place. The Republicans took the House of Representatives during the 2022 mid-terms and a balance of power materialized in Congress.
The Republicans controlled the House of Representatives and the Democrats controlled the Senate. Because of the way that legislation is passed and turned into law the two opposing chambers of the legislature threatened to turn the hallmark of democracy into gridlock. Some pieces of major legislation that mandated passage for America to survive was passed by bi-partisan votes. Support for our allies likewise moved forward and was passed by a bi-partisan vote. Other bills received much consternation and division.
The members of the Democratic Party are fully aligned with their goals and when it comes time for a vote they are fully unified. Their loyalty is to the Democratic Party and loyalty is a strong virtue that is of paramount importance to win. Republicans are not so connected. This reflects an individualism that is a part of the DNA that made up the early settlers in America. This became apparent when the Republicans took control of the house and later Kevin McCarthy became the first Speaker of the House of Representatives only to be ousted by a joint vote of both parties. This was bad for the Republicans, bad for the Federal Government and bad for the country. Enter relative newcomer Mike Johnson from Benton, Louisiana.
Following several false starts in attempts to fill the vacated speaker spot, Congressman Johnson won the hallowed position and with the bang of a gavel he became the 128th Speaker of the House of Representatives. Immediately his honorable presence made him a speaker that most could work with. Unfortunately, the key word is “most”. When Speaker Johnson brought legislation forward to provide funding for allies that are in distress, members of the extreme right of the Republican Party were outraged. While loyalty is a virtue that has made America the leader of honor and integrity in support of its allies, the lack of loyalty within the party can lead to disaster. Be thankful that we have men such as Johnson to make the hard decision and make them correctly.
A motion to vacate was made by the hard left and it looked like Johnson would go the way of McCarthy. There was one difference. Congress and the American people were sick of all the animosity and especially the confusion and negativity that comes from removing a Speaker from his position; so, both the Democrats and Republicans reached across the aisle and refused to vacate Congressman Mike Johnson from the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States. A double win for America. The disfunction of vacating the position was alleviated and a good man remained in the position.
Ironically, bipartisanship took place in a negative manner also. Both Democrats and Republicans voted together to remove Congressman Johnson, but there were not enough votes.
Finally, this is one win for our beautiful nation. Rejoice in small victories.
God Bless America, God Save the Ukraine and Pray for Israel.

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