PSC’s Campbell calls on Landryto end Louisiana state income tax

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell said Governor Jeff Landry would be “remembered forever” in Louisiana if he eliminated the State Income Tax and replaced it with a tax on foreign oil.
“He has the microphone right now,” Campbell said of Landry. “He has the power. He should put this in his call for the Constitutional Convention.”
Campbell issued his challenge to the governor during Jim Engster’s “Talk Louisiana” program on public radio today in Baton Rouge. Engster said Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser recently endorsed Campbell’s Foreign Oil Tax, which will require amending the State Constitution.
A two-thirds vote in both houses of the Legislature would be required to allow the people to vote on the proposal.
“The oil companies are not leaving,” Campbell said. “We have the refineries, 75,000 miles of pipeline and the Mississippi River.
“All you have to do is remove the line in the Constitution that limits us to taxing oil and gas produced in Louisiana, and let the people vote. They’ll approve it by 75 percent.”
Campbell is in his fourth term on the PSC. As a state senator he advocated a tax on the processing of oil and gas, but it was defeated in legislatures dominated by oil interests.
“The oil companies damaged our coast,” Campbell said. “It’s time for them to pay their fair share in taxes.
“Gov. Landry can use the revenue to eliminate the State Income Tax. He’ll be remembered forever if he does this.”

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