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Stampede Days Rodeo on May 17, 18
Friday, May 17 – Saturday, May 18
Featuring LIVE music from the Kyle Thompson Band! Gates open at 5pm.
Calf Scramble
Ladies Steer Chasin’
Mutton Bustin’
If you love rustlin’, tustlin’, rootin’, and tootin’, then the Stampede Days Rodeo is the weekend activity for you!
Do you like Barbecue? Does thinking about smoking hot food make you hungry? On May 18 at 6am, the Stampede Days Rodeo is hosting a Barbecue competition! Bring a big appetite!

Live Music at Rhett’s Tails and Shells May 17, 18
Friday, May 17 . Saturday, May 18
Come to Rhett’s Tails and Shells on Friday, May 17 to hear Trey Geauthraux LIVE at 6:30pm!
If you can’t make it, or if you just want more seafood and music, then be sure to come back on Saturday, May 18 to hear Bo Smith LIVE at 6:30pm!

National Bee Day is May 20
Monday, May 20
What’s the buzz? Our fuzzy, flying friends have their own day coming up! Bees are incredibly important to the environment, pollinating our plants that provide the oxygen you need to breathe. Bees have both fantastic taste in flowers as well as fantastic tasting honey. Every clean breath you take probably has bees to thank for!
May 20th is National Bee Day!

National Solitaire Day is May 22
Wednesday, May 22
To all the office workers out there, it’s time to bring out your favorite way to pass time. Solitaire is a game that has existed since the late 18th century, and to this day it is still installed on every home computer whether you realize it or not.
The evolution of Solitaire is much like the evolution of technology: with every new medium, someone invents a brad new way to play this not-at-all brand new game. For generations it has been a game to retreat to for some fun and for generations more it will be around.
May 22nd is National Solitaire Day!

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