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Last week I sat glued to a television that displayed images of an America that I never thought would be displayed to a shocked world. This was not the first time the world witnessed an orchestrated attack on Jews. It was also not the first time that the world would witness an orchestrated attack on American values. It was also not the first time that both Jews and Israel and America were painted with the same brush. What was the first time was that the criticism of both Israel and the United States took place on American soil. Many felt like crying, many felt anger and a few, a small few, cheered. It seems that the group that cheers the loudest is seen as the popular choice while the truth resides with the silent majority.
There are so many questions and so many varied answers to the on-campus protests that an analysis of the events that culminated with riots across America will fill volumes on library shelves around the world at some time in the future. The one thing that is certain is that riots should have never taken place. The root causes date back to a society that was built on the backs of those that went to war to save the world for democracy and to fight the demons that wanted no less than total destruction of the Jewish people. These are the men and women that made life easy for those that came after them and unfortunately many of their values were not infused into the children.
In the late 1970s I arrived in a peaceful Saudi Arabia. The only enemy we heard of was Israel and the hatred was all ways present. The term “Israel” could not be applied to the current country. Instead the local news would refer to Israel as “occupied Palestine”. The Jews did not take Israel from the local Arabs. Israel was carved out by the United Nations in and effort to provide a homeland to the Jewish people to ease an uneasy conscience following an attempt to exterminate the Jewish people when six million were sent to death camps. For those that deny that the Holocaust existed, look at the photos and movies of the liberation of these camps. Piles of corpses, rotting on the ground, walking skeletons and bodies still lying in crematoriums tell a different story. To those that find it politically expedient to deny the truth, the truth is in front of you.
The year after I arrived in Arabia the Shah of Iran was deposed and a radical Islamic government took its place. Fueled by hatred for America due to the undying support of the deposed Shah, mobs flooded the streets of Iran and chanted “Death to America” while declaring this it would also destroy Israel. These chants are continued to today but with one despicable change; they are being chanted in America.
It is apparent that beautiful minds in America have been corrupted and changed into a cesspool of hatred of corruption. We have witnessed students rioting, intimidate the innocent and destroy beauty as they are tainted by the warped minds of those that desire to see our great nation fall and then rebuilt in the image of Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. As bad it has appeared when chants of Death to America echo across some of the premier schools of higher education, there is cause to reflect on and be proud of our country and young people that embellish the principles that have made us great.
At Columbia University rioters stormed Hamilton Hall, broke it open and occupied the building. It appeared to be same situation as what took place on Capitol Hill on January 6th, 2024; however, following arrests the perpetrators were charged with trespassing and released to go back to the riots. The rainbow to this horrid storm was two young men standing at the door to the building trying to hold the mob back. Both were students and one seemed to be a young naïve child. Both stood up like true men; patriots. `
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill also was under siege. At one point the disrespectful rioters took down the American flag and raised the Palestinian flag over the university. Then a group of students surrounded the flag pole, drove down the Palestinian flag and re-raised the American flag; daring someone to challenging them. This single act reinforces one’s encouragement that America still has a bright future.
It is important that we don’t let the riots tear us down. It is important that we look to the good. We have had our problems before and survived and we will survive this. The University of Florida handled their protests with leadership and it is unfortunate that the other schools did not act as quickly as Florida. As soon as it started it was over and as the University said, don’t send you children to be baby sat. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators would be suspended and banned from the University for three years. Employees or professors breaking the rules would be fired. These notices posted early and there was no negotiations with any student group. As the proverb says “he who hesitates is lost”. As the Romans said, “Carpe Diem” which translates to “Seize the Day” which means hit hard and hit fast.
Let us hope and pray that we continue to have the patriots among us that will display the courage and internal fortitude as those young men at UNC.
God Bless America, God Save the Ukraine and Pray for Israel.

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