Local youth rack up ribbons in District livestock show

The Northeast District Livestock Show was held January 31st-Febuary 3rd in Delhi. Union Parish 4-H Exhibitors represented the parish well with bringing home several awards.
The Union Parish 4-H Livestock Program is a unique opportunity to use animals and educational projects to enhance youth development. The main objectives of the program deal with the young people, not the animals. Participants learn about agriculture and livestock production, and they develop an appreciation for the livestock industry; the main objectives, however, are to teach life skills and help 4-H’ers become productive citizens of our society.
The experience of children owning and working with animals; being responsible for their care, health, and growth; and exhibiting them in a competitive environment is a tremendous character-building process. Young people participate in the major animal science projects of beef, dairy, sheep, swine, horse, dairy goats, meat goats, rabbits, poultry, and meat science. In addition to the animal projects.
Below is a list of what each exhibitor brought home:
Laney Broussard — Champion Beefmaster Bull, Res. Champion Beefmaster Heifer and Champion Brahman Influence Market Steer.
Emma Franks — First Time Exhibitor.
Hadlee Hal — Res. Champion Mini Hereford Bull and First Time Exhibitor.
Austin Liggin: Champion Commercial Ewe, Supreme Ewe, Champion Black Face Crossed Market, Grand Champion Market, Intermediate Sheep Showman, Intermediate Sheep Premier Exhibitor, Champion Bird of Show, Champion Bantam Pullet.
Colton Neal — First Time Exhibitor.
Remi Neal — Res. Champion Black Face Crossed Market, Res. Grand Champion Market, Senior Sheep Showma, Champion Braford Heifer, Senior Sheep Premier Exhibitor, First Time Exhibitor.
Christina Stanton — First Time Exhibitor.
Janie Stanton — First Time Exhibitor
Joseph Stanton — First Time Exhibitor
Maddie Stephenson — Champion Southdown Ewe, Champion Market Goat,Res. Champion Market Goat.
Janie Stanton — Best of Breed Lionhead Buck, Best Opposite Black Polish Doe.
Christina Stanton — Best Opposite Lionhead Doe, and First Place Black Polish Buck.
Joseph Stanton — Blue Ribbon Black Silky.

Laney Broussard
Austin Liggin
Ayden Burch
Christina Stanton
Remi Neal
Rance Broussard
Hadlee Hall
Ryan Burch

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