Local author to share father’s POW story at UP museum

Author Janis Pardue Hill, daughter of WWII death camp survivor J.C. Pardue, will share her father’s story in a special presentation on Saturday, July 22, in the Union Museum of History and Art.

Pardue was born and raised in Union Parish, and was a lifelong resident until his death in 2012 at age 94.

Dr. Hill compiled Pardue’s memoirs into a compelling book, Telling His Story: POW #1000, published in December 2022.

The narrative recounts his harrowing experiences in the Bataan Death March and a Japanese prisoner of war camp where he endured brutal and inhumane conditions.  Despite it all, Pardue survived and returned home to enjoy a long, fulfilling life as a kindly father and husband.

When once asked if there were any positive aspects to his POW experience, Pardue responded, “Greater faith in God; the greatness of America; individual courage and dedication is of the utmost importance in the cause of Freedom; never overreact to desperate circumstances, even under hostile captive conditions.”

Telling His Story was featured in the London Book Fair this past April, where it received rave reviews, including this observation:  “Throughout the memoir, Dr. Hill reveals her father’s deep connection with his Bible, which he cherished more than anything else. Despite being stripped of his possessions, including his Bible, J.C. Pardue’s remarkable tale takes a miraculous turn as the sacred book repeatedly finds its way back to him.”

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