It was an average year for trophy bucks

As an outdoor writer/broadcaster, there are several things on my work schedule. For instance, every week I write an outdoor column appearing in seven newspapers around north Louisiana. In addition, I produce and record four weekly radio programs. When opportunities are presented, I write an occasional article for magazines.

One buck featured in LA Sportsman was a 155 inch 12 point buck taken in Sabine Parish by Casey Carrington.

One thing that as been a regular assignment for the past 10 years or so is to contact, interview and write articles for Louisiana Sportsman magazine and web site about trophy bucks taken in Louisiana. I enjoy everything I do for outdoors media but especially rewarding is getting to do articles on these big bucks that come to my attention either by my being contacted by successful hunters or by browsing social media to find photos hunters post when they are successful in downing a trophy.
Granted, I don’t get them all as some hunters prefer to keep their success under wraps as they have no interest in sharing details preferring to keep details and locations secret. I totally accept that. If I had a secret honey hole where I find my trophies, I might be reluctant to share too many details. Even so, I average getting to write articles on at least twenty-five big bucks each season. The ones I do write about give me an idea of what type of bucks on average are taken each season.
From my contacts for the season just ended, my conclusion is that the number and quality of bucks this year was average or maybe slightly below average. Drought conditions this past summer affecting browse plants no doubt contributed to this season’s somewhat lower results.
In past years, my articles have covered an occasional buck weighing in excess of 300 pounds and a few have resulted in impressive scores of 270 inches or better. I did articles on 30 trophy bucks this past season with buck with the heaviest body weighing just over 230 pounds. The highest scoring buck I located measured 190 inches of antler mass.
Looking over the statistics of bucks taken last season covered in articles I wrote were impressive, but not quite as eye-catching as some in seasons past.
The highest number of bucks I found were taken in Union Parish with five while Beauregard Parish produced four, indicating that you are likely to find a trophy really from one end of the state to the other. Bucks were taken in twenty-two parishes from north to central to the delta region to southwest Louisiana.
How about antler measurements? The thirty bucks in my articles averaged just over 156 inches of mass while the average number of antler points were 10.26. How about body weights? This came out to 192.6 pounds per buck.
During the month of October, nine bucks were reported, November had the highest number with 15 while December produces six.
Four bucks were taken by traditional archery equipment, two with crossbows and the majority, 24, fell to high powered rifles.
A number of trophies were taken by happenstance. They just showed up. Many of the more successful hunters, however, work all year to prepare food plots, keep minerals available, especially during spring and summer when new antlers and muscle mass are growing.
I’m already looking forward to deer season 2024-25 when we get to do it all over again. Maybe this will be the season with weather conditions improved and I’ll get a call from you or find your photo of your buck on social media. Be assured, if this happens, I’ll be in touch.

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