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A Civil War reenactor felled from mock rifle fire held his death pose for nearly an hour without moving during the Battle of D’Arbonne Landing held at D’Arbonne State Park Saturday and Sunday. The reenactment portrayed the Battle of Chicksaw Bayou that took place during the finals days of 1862. About 200 reenactors gathered in two camps – one blue, the other gray – outfitted very much like military camps would have been during the war. Armed with replica weapons, including period-style cannons and howitzers, the two small armies met in mock battles that began with artillery barrages, minus the cannonballs, and ended with infantry trading powder-only rifle fire at less than 50 yards. The Civil War action nearest to Union Parish actually took place near Lake Providence in June 1863, when Confederates soldiers attacked and briefly held a Union supply depot vital to the Union siege at Vicksburg.

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