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Billions of cicadas expected to appear across US in 2024

Experts say the insects may be annoying but pose no threat to humans, pets or gardens Billions of cicadas are expected to emerge in the U.S. this spring. In an event that hasn’t happened since the country purchased the Louisiana Territory from the French and Thomas Jefferson was president, bugs will emerge from the ground and descend on the contiguous …

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DCFS accused in lawsuit of failing to protect abused children

Louisiana’s embattled Department of Children and Family Services took another hit Tuesday when a federal lawsuit was filed against the department and others on behalf of nine children who suffered abuse and psychiatric trauma while under DCFS supervision.The 95-page lawsuit, filed in Louisiana’s Middle District in Baton Rouge, details the abuse suffered by the nine plaintiffs, but also outlines a system …

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Grand jury rejects Holly attempted murder charge

Union Parish football star and LSU running back Trey Holly will not face an attempted murder charge after a grand jury refused to indict him after hearing evidence from the state’s Attorney General’s office.Holly still faces an weapons charge related to Feb. 9 shooting at the Union Villa apartments in Farmerville that left a man and woman with gunshot wounds. …

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