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Spring is the season of rebirth for us all

Are you seeing it? Have you sensed it? Are you starting to get just a bit more spring in your step? If so, here’s a hint as to what is happening to put that spring in your step. Spring. We’re on the cusp of winter giving us the ragged remains of the season, finally giving way to this beautiful enchanted …

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Estate planning requires…well…planning

Estate planning is the process of designating who will receive your assets in the event of your death or incapacitation. Often done with guidance from an attorney, a well-constructed estate plan can help ensure that your heirs and beneficiaries receive assets in a way that manages and minimizes estate taxes, gift taxes and other tax impacts. Create an inventoryYou may …

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Union Parish DART calls attention to teen violence

In 2010, Congress declared February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. It is a great reminder for DART, parents, caregivers and teachers to begin a conversation about preventing dating violence.We teach our children from a young age to be kind to one another. Hitting is never OK, calling someone names is not kind, and yelling at someone is not how …

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