Five years later, fighting for Ronald Greene

On May 10th, 2019, Ronald Greene was killed in a terrible encounter with the Louisiana State troopers. Five years later, on Friday, May 10th, 2024, the public gathered in solidarity for the injustices that occurred that fateful night just five years ago. But what exactly happened that late Spring night in 2019? And how have the public responded to it? Five years without true justice, five officers having yet to receive appropriate charges.
Ronald Greene, 49, had been involved with a police chase and crashed his vehicle. Upon being captured at the scene, five Louisiana State Troopers proceeded to beat, choke, stun, pepper spray, and drag Greene and leave him shackled for nine excruciating minutes. He was unarmed and posed no threat to the officers who assaulted him. This series of acts of hate and violence would ultimately result in the untimely death of Ronald Greene.
The body cam footage sent shock waves through the nation, and the local communities of Louisiana especially. The public shared a general consensus that the acts against Greene that fateful night were inappropriate, excessive, and absolutely evil. Protests sparked throughout Louisiana, standing in solidarity to make sure that Ronald Greene received the justice he so deserved.
Two of the five officers involved in the brutalization, Dakota DeMoss and Lt. John Clary, had all charges dropped against them in a 2022 ruling. DeMoss narrowly avoided a charge of obstruction of justice, as turning off the audio of the body cam footage did not fall within the parameters of the charge filed. Lt. Clary escaped some charges of malfeasance regarding the incident, the prosecutors having dropped the charges. Despite this, Lt. Clary still faces charges regarding the obscuring of justice as well as another malfeasance charge. Following an internal investigation, evidence was uncovered by mislabeled body cam footage. This hidden body cam footage revealed more of the heinous acts committed against Greene. Regarding the remaining malfeasance charge, Lt. Clary had been seen in body cam footage allowing Greene to remain shackled in a dangerous prone position.
The other three officers, Deputy Chris Harpin, John Peters, and Master Trooper Kory York continue to face criminal charges regarding the murder, and attempted cover up, of Ronald Greene.
Five years have passed since that night, and the echoes of the late Ronald Greene ring loudly through the sentiments of his peers. On Friday, May 10th, 2024, several people gathered to march at the Union Parish Courthouse for the fifth anniversary of Ronald Greene’s killing. Through their voices, they showed that the public certainly remembers this case and they continue to advocate for the justice that has yet to be served regarding Greene. “No Justice, No Peace.”
Among the protesters stood Mona Hardin, Greene’s mother. Mona Hardin stands with the demonstrators proudly to express her displease with the rulings that stuck and the rulings that have yet to reach the courtroom floor.
“This is my Mother’s Day,” spoke Hardin on May 10th, 2024. Hardin reflected on the plans they had made before Greene was untimely killed. ““Coming here, I get that sick feeling in my stomach. But in turn, I’m energized.”
Hardin stands with countless individuals who echo her sentiments of the justice that has yet to be delivered even half a decade later.
With Mona Hardin, is Dinelle Hardin, Greene’s sister. She highlighted the profound impact her brother’s death has had on their lives. “Happily retired, living life as normal, you see our lives are no longer the same,” she said. “So guess what, what we’re going through, we’re going to continue to put pressure on this community.”
Many members of the Louisiana Community stand with Mona and Dinelle Hardin as they seek justice. Hopefully justice will be served within the next five years, hopefully Greene can rest in peace knowing his story has sent ripples through the consciences of both the perpetrators of the crime as well as the innumerable people who know what happened that late Spring night.
Not fifty years ago, not five years ago, continuing to this day, Police Brutality remains a constant threat to local African American communities; unfortunately, some stories like Ronald Greene’s are not as loud and have not nearly the amount of recognition and justice that they deserve as well. Perhaps one day we can feel that our public protectors are protecting us fairly, perhaps one day we can feel that our fellow man will receive the justice they deserve as much as any other man. That day is not yet today.
Several of our community members will continue to echo their support for the Hardin Family; hopefully several more will understand the tragedy that took place just five years ago and will recognize the bravery shown by our fellow man continuing to chant for the late Ronald Greene.

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