Barrios wins 2023 BCBS Angel Award

Mary Barrios, Community Outreach Director for the Town of Farmerville, is a 2023 recipient of the prestigious Angel Award presented annually by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation to Louisianians who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and service to
the state’s children.

Mary Barrios

A press release announcing the award said, “The Angel Award specifically recognizes people who have directly improved outcomes for young people. Each honoree takes an active approach to meeting the needs of children and has a history of persisting in the face of significant challenges – sometimes including loss of resources, operational challenges, or even personal tragedy.”

Barrios is the Farmerville’s first ever Community Outreach Director, serving in that role since 2021.

“I am deeply honored to win this award,” Barrios said. “There really is nothing extraordinary about me, but I am so lucky to live and work in a community where people are so generous with their time and resources. This makes it easier to dream and create and home for a better community for all our children.”

“Hiring Mary may turn out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as mayor,” Mayor Joh Crow said. “So much energy, so much determination and just always positive. Everyone knows I’m all about keeping a positive outlook, and Mary always has a positive outlook. That’s why everyone want her involved in their projects. She brings that good energy to everything she does and that motivvates everyone around to do more and to be better.” 

Always humble, always giving back, Barrios said she will donate the $25,000 grant that accompanies the Angel Award to jump start fund raising efforts for construction of a playground at the newly christened Boys & Girls Club that will be accessible to children with special needs or physical limitations.

In describing Barrios’ contribution to the quality of life in Farmerville, the Foundation said, “Barrios has created festivals, learning outreach, and other projects celebrating cultural heritage, diversity, and inclusion of Latin American children in Northeast Louisiana,”

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