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Make your voice heard (10-23-2014)
Used to be, any Louisianian who wanted to vote before election day had to attest they were going to be out of town, hospitalized or otherwise were required to meet what was then the legal criteria for absentee voting.
Not any more. You don’t need a special reason to vote early. Louisiana is one of a number of states that’s replaced the traditional absentee voting period with early voting — seven full days during which voters can cast their ballots just as they would on election day, but generally with greater ease.
Voters who want to vote early for the Nov. 4 primary can do so through Tuesday at the Union Parish Registrar of Voters office located on the ground floor of the parish Courthouse Annex. Early voting continues through Oct. 28, except for Sunday. Balloting hours are 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Voters must bring a photo ID that also shows their signature, such as a valid driver’s license or a military ID. Those with no photo ID may apply for a voter ID card at the local Office of Motor Vehicles.
By its very nature, early voting is convenient. Even though there may be a short wait, lines typically move fast and are usually shorter than those that often form at polling places on Election Day.
Plus, because the upcoming primary is on a Tuesday rather than a Saturday, early voters can avoid having to take time from their workday to go vote.
Next month’s ballot is chocked full of decisions for voters to make: In addition to candidates in a myriad of local, regional and state races, there are also 14 state constitutional amendments to be voted on.
This election — like every election — is pivotal. The decisions voters make could set the course of their communities and state for years to come. Consequently, voting is important.
Through the option of early voting, voters have a convenient way of participating in one of their most precious privileges — making their voice heard at the ballot box.
A handy voters guide is included in today’s paper. This provides a convenient way to thoughtfully mark your votes. Use this guide in the ballot box to ease the process.