Letters for 10-19-2017

Big bash planned to mark F’ville anniversary
For residents born and raised and still
living in Farmerville, it’s something quite
spectacular that probably goes almost
Residents of Farmerville and from
throughout Union Parish celebrate in a way
that probably precious few communities
across the country can any more. Traffic in,
out, around and through Farmerville comes to
an almost complete halt at least a half dozen
times each year as parades make their way
through Farmerville.
In a little over two week, we will have had
two to enjoy.
Last Friday, it was the annual homecoming
parade for Union Parish High School.
Next Saturday is a procession
commemorating the 175th anniversary of
the town of Farmerville’s founding.
It’s one of a number of events to mark the
town’s terquasquicentennial.
Planning for the event began earlier this
year when Mayor Stein Baughman asked six
residents to serve on a committee that would
develop plans for the big birthday. Ricky
Albritton, selected to chair the group, said
they agreed to develop plans for an event
that would be markedly different than those
held in the past.
In keeping with traditions that established
for previous anniversary celebrations, a
luncheon at the Willie Davis Jr. Recreation
Center on October 27 will kick off the
weekend’s festivities.
The following day, the parade – sponsored
by the Farmerville Jaycees – will roll down
North Main beginning at 11 a.m. It’s what
comes after the parade that Albritton and
members of the committee are banking on
making this year’s celebration something
entirely different from those held in the past.
Beginning at 2 p.m., eight groups
performing music that ranges from country
to Cajun and from classic rock to hip-hop will
perform on two separate stages downtown.
And the committee is quite literally banking
on people coming. To limit the town’s expense
in throwing its own birthday party, persons
attending the concerts will pay $5 each
and have access to a broad range of music
performed over eight hours.
With the central business district blocked
off for stages on East Bayou and East
Jackson streets, people attending the event
will park at the Norris Hill Shopping Center
and be ferried downtown in shuttle busses.
In addition to satisfying their desire for good
music, people coming to the festival will also
have the opportunity to partake in lunch and
dinner provided by a variety of food vendors.
The festivities will conclude Sunday
afternoon, with a number of area gospel
groups performing for “Dessert on the
Grounds” at Edgewood Plantation beginning
at 2 p.m.
Please make plans to take part. There is
truly something that almost everyone could
And rather than say “be nice” to what we
trust will be a big bunch from outside the area
who will also come to take part, we will simply
remind you to be yourselves – people who are
the kindest and most friendly found anywhere.