Legal Notices
last updated: 08-17-2017
Notice is hereby given that
sealed bids will be received by
LOUISIANA 71241, for A Field
House and Stadium Renovation
Project for Union Parish School
District. All bids will be received
until 2:00 P.M., CST on August
29, 2017, at which time they will
be publicly opened and read
aloud. Bidders have the option
to submit their bids electronically
through Bid Express.
Bid documents are being
made available via electronic
copy. Plan holders are required
to register for an account at to view
Bid Documents. They may be
obtained electronically without
charge and without deposit.
Printed copies are not available
through the Architect. Plan holders
will be responsible for their
own reproduction cost. Questions
regarding website registration
and online orders please
contact Plan House Printing
at (662) 407-0193. Questions
regarding plan clarifications or
request for information should
be directed to the architect
as follows:
M3A Architecture PLLC/
William L. McElroy AIA, NCARB
601-981-1227 – P
601-983-4444 – F
Attn: Preston McKay –
Project Manager
Bid documents may also
be viewed at the office of M3A
Architecture, PLLC/William
L. McElroy AIA NCARB, and
at the Union Parish School
District office.
All Contractors who intend
to submit “BIDS” are suggested
to attend the pre-bid conference
at the Board Room of
LOUISIANA 71241, on August
8, 2017 at 2:00 pm CST.
The successful bidder will
be allowed two hundred and
forty (240) calendar days from
the date of issuance of Notice to
Proceed to complete the project.
Liquidated damages will be
assessed at $1000.00 per day
for each calendar day the work
is not substantially complete.
All bids must be accompanied
by bid security equal to
five percent (5%) of the sum of
the base bid and all alternates,
and must be in the form of a
certified check, cashier’s check
or a Bid Bond written by a company
licensed to do business in
The successful bidder will
be required to furnish a Performance
and a Payment Bond
written by a company licensed
to do business in Louisiana,
each in an amount equal to
100% of the contract amount.
Bids shall be accepted
from Contractors who are
licensed under LA R.S. 37:2151
et seq. for the classification of
Building Construction. Bidder
is required to comply with
provisions and requirements of
LA R.S. 38:221(A)1)(c). No bid
may be withdrawn for a period
of forty five (45) days after
receipt of bids, except under the
provisions of LA R.S. 38:2214.
The Union Parish School
Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids. And
to award the project based on
whatever basis is in the interest
of the Owner.
(458) 8/3/17 - 8/10/17
- 8/17/17 - 8/24/17

The Union Parish School
Board will be receiving bids
for gasoline/diesel fuel for the
2017-2018 school year. Interested
parties should contact
the Union Parish School Board
office and request information
packet. Sealed bids must
be hand delivered, sent via
certified mail, registered mail,
and received by this office by
Thursday, August 24, 2017
by 2:00pm. The Union Parish
School Board reserves the
right to reject any or all bids.
Contact & Mailing Information:
Union Parish School Board
PO Box 308 Farmerville, LA
71241 Attention: Jeffery Carr;
318-368-9715 ext 115.
(94) 8/10/17 - 8/17/17
- 8/24/17

Tri-Water System, Inc. will
hold its rescheduled annual
meeting on Thursday August
17, 2017. The meeting will be
held at the North Union Fire
Protection District fire station
(2700 Hwy. 549 – Marion, LA
71260) at 7:00 PM.. According
to Tri-Water’s Bylaws, two
board members’ terms will
expire. Tri-Water is operated by
Nathan Wilson (318-732-0344)
and provides water to Oakland,
Truxno, Conway, Tugwell City,
Hwy 549, Hwy. 348 to the intersection
of Burch Rd., Burch Rd.,
Game Reserve Rd., 2 miles of
Moshack Rd., Hwy. 15 north of
the intersection with Hwy. 549
to approximately ½ mile from
the intersection with Cypress
Creek Rd., part of Cypress
Creek Rd., Denton Rd, Masonic
Rd., Scenic Drive, Sandfield
Rd., and Websters Bluff. All
payments are accepted by mail
(P. O. Box 571 – Farmerville, LA
71241) or may be paid at the
Marion State Banks in either
Marion or Farmerville.
Anyone needing reasonable
accommodation to
attend a public meeting held
by the Tri-Water System, Inc.
should contact Shirley Kyle at
318-368-4115 or by e-mail at, or
by TTY 1800-846-5277 at least
five days prior to the meeting
date. If further information
is required or needed please
contact the above person
(211) 8/10/17 - 8/17/17

Cox Ferry Water System
(PWS ID #LA1111027)
2017 Second Quarter Public
Notice 170810
The Cox Ferry Water System
is currently in violation of
the maximum contaminant level
(MCL) for total trihalomethanes
as set forth by the State {Part XII
of the Louisiana State Sanitary
Code (LAC 51:XII)} and the
Federal Primary Drinking Water
Regulations (40 CFR Part 141).
The United States Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA)
and the Louisiana Department
of Health (LDH) set drinking
water standards and requires
the disinfection of drinking water.
Where disinfection is used in the
treatment of drinking water, disinfectants
combine with naturally
occurring organic and inorganic
matter present in water to form
chemicals called disinfection
byproducts (DBPs). EPA and
LDH set standards for controlling
the levels of disinfectants and
DBPs in drinking water, including
total trihalomethanes (THMs) and
haloacetic acids (HAAs). Some
people who drink water containing
THMs in excess of the MCL
over many years may experience
problems with their liver, kidneys,
or central nervous system, and
may have an increased risk of
getting cancer.
In December 1998, EPA
set enforceable drinking water
standards for TTHMs at 80 parts
per billion (ppb) and for HAA5 at
60 parts per billion (ppb) to reduce
the risk of cancer or other adverse
health effects. Compliance with
the TTHMs and HAA5 standard for
public water systems serving less
than 10,000 individuals initially
became effective and enforceable
on January 1, 2004. Compliance
with the TTHMs standard is determined
by calculating a locational
running annual average (LRAA)
of quarterly TTHMs sample
results. Compliance calculations
performed for the second quarter
of 2017 show that the system’s
current TTHMs LRAA is 92 ppb
at DBP01 – 120 Easy Living Ln.
Thus the system is currently in
violation of the TTHMs standard.
Please share this information
with all the other people
who drink this water, especially
those who may not have received
this notice directly (for example,
people in apartments, nursing
homes, schools and businesses).
You can do this by posting this notice
in a public place or distributing
copies by hand or mail.
This is not an emergency. If
it had been, you would have been
notified immediately. EPA and
LDH do not consider this violation
to have any serious adverse
health effects on human health as
a result of short-term exposure;
however, continued long-term
exposure to TTHMs and HAA5
levels above the standard (e.g.,
20 years of exposure) has the
potential to have serious adverse
effects on human health.
The Cox Ferry Association
anticipates this issue will be
resolved in the coming months
when its water system is merged
with a larger, adjacent water
system. For more information,
please contact Glenn Luttrell, Sec/
Treas. of Cox Ferry Association,
at 318-372-3724.
(449) 8/17/17

RJ Trahan Enterprises LLC
DBA/Rhett’s Tails & Shells, Is
applying to the Office of Alcohol
& Tobacco Control of the State
of Louisiana for a permit to sell
beverages of low alcohol content
at retail in the parish of Union at the
following address: 125 Old Hwy 15
Farmerville LA 7124. Rhett’s tails
& Shells Member: Rhett Trahan.
(60) 8/17/17 8/24/17

“Anyone having information
regarding the ownership of a
4.932-acre tract of land located
near Shiloh Baptist Church in the
East 1/2 of Section 20, Township
21 North, Range 2 West, Union
Parish, Louisiana, please contact
attorney James Buckley at
(318) 537-5558 or at jgblawla@”
(45) 8/17/17