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Audrey Rose Avegno

Ted Nichols, Jr. and Cindy Bennett Nichols of Hot Springs Village, Ark. are delighted to announce the birth of their first grandchild, Audrey Rose Avegno. She was born to their daughter, Caroline, and her husband, Charles Avegno, in Metairie on May 12 at 10:36 a.m., weighing in at six pounds, 15 ounces, and measuring 20 inches long. Her name was carefully chosen in honor of two special people that are now deceased.  The name, Audrey, honors Audrey Gay Harden, a student of Caroline’s, who tragically died in a fire in Queens, New York just before Christmas about five years ago. The name Rose is in honor of Caroline’s paternal grandmother, Rosa Nichols, who was a lifelong resident of Star City, Ark., and passed away four years ago. 
 Ted and Cindy have a second home in Spearsville that once belonged to Cindy’s parents, Coy Bennett and Sue Rhodes Bennett who were lifelong Union Parish residents, and are both now deceased.
They, of course, are Audrey’s maternal great grandparents.  Carol Wright Avegno, a current resident of Metairie, and her husband, Albert Avegno, now deceased, are Audrey’s paternal grandparents.  Carol Wright Avegno’s mother, Amelia Job Wright is Audrey’s only great grandparent still living, and she also lives in Metairie. Her husband, Carlton B. Wright resided with her in Metairie until his death. Other great grandparents, are Victor P. Avegno and Mamie Stallings Avegno who were New Orleans residents before their deaths.
Ted and Cindy feel especially blessed with the birth of their precious little granddaughter, having become grandparents much later in life than most people do. They both anticipate many years of happy grandparenting with their adorable new granddaugther, Audrey Rose.